"This album will take you from North America to Ireland (and back again!) on the wings of Madden’s flawless vocals and a surrounding eclectic aura of chants and instrumentation."

Gregg Senko, Why So Blu?

LEGACY (Valley Entertainment)


1. Will You Go Lassie Go

2. Banks of the Lee (featuring Joanie Madden)

3. I Never Will Marry

4. The Night Visiting Song (featuring Joanie Madden)

5. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore

6. Scarborough Fair (featuring Eamon de Barra)

7. White Willow

8. Boulder to Birmingham (featuring Joanie Madden)

9. Diamonds and Rust

10. Noon or Midnight (featuring Eamon de Barra)

11. Wayfaring Stranger

12. Not Athena

13. Grainne's Lament for Diarmuid

14. Mockingbird


Executive Producer: Jon Birge

Produced by Fionan de Barra and Liz Madden

All tracks arranged by Fionan de Barra and Liz Madden