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Film, TV and Games

Liz's voice and original compositions have been used in TV, Video games, and Film globally, to include some of Asia's biggest TV shows. In addition to high profile advertising campaigns for FUJI (Finepix) and OKSUSU TEA, her voice was used in the climate change documentary, Plus or Minus 2 Degrees. Liz produced and performed in the live music show on DVD Meeting At The Crossroads, while writing and producing the St. Patrick's Day documentary Wearing The Green


Raven of the Reach (Video Game 2020)

Forbidden Love (Video Game 2017)

Wearing the Green (Documentary 2016)

Meeting At The Crossroads (Live music show DVD 2016)

Buddhist True Network (Buddhist TV Show 2013) 

Oksusu Tea (6 mth TV commercial Campaign Asia 2013) 

Plus or Minus 2 Degrees (Documentary Asia 2010)

Confession (Dance piece by Yu-Ra Park, Korea University of Arts)

My Girlfriend is a nine tailed Fox (SBS Korea/China 2010)

Lullaby (Short Film 2010)

Unborn but Forgotten (Feature Film Tartan Asia 2007)

Hello Francheska (MBC Hit Sitcom 2005/6) 

Ride On (The Equestrian Show 2006)

Soon Jeung - Pure Love (KBS mini-series 2004)

Non-Stop (MBC Sitcom 2003)

Father and Son (KBS 2 Korean drama 2002)

FUJI Finepix (6 mth TV commercial campaign Asia 2002)

Flower Story (Plum Sonata KBS1 Korean drama 2001)

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